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Default Re: Hitting your kid - Is it necessary?

well, when I have kids I probably wont beat them but that has nothing to do with them getting the wrong impression about violence, it's because society has changed from when I was growing up and less accepting of people who beat their kids.

when i was growing up my parents beat me with wooden spoons, unraveled wire hangers, belts, pretty much whatever they could get their hands on. Me and all my siblings included, and we all turned out just fine because we grew up within a large extended family that all kids were given spankings/beatings, so we never felt like they were being abusive, we just knew, "okay if I smash this vase, Im gonna get my ass kicked".

Some people might not understand it but society has changed, I'm not sure if there has ever been a time when spanking was so overwhelmingly frowned upon as now.
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