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Default Re: Miami HEAT Winning Streak

Originally Posted by TMT
Spurs and Clippers have done similar things this season, but unfortunately for them whenever the Heat do something it's much more universal. The Heat better hope they aren't clicking too early though.
Dude spurs didnt have that kind of streak and clippers 17 game winning streak pales in comparison with heat streak.

Clippers played only 4 playoff teams(mind that utah will not be in playoffs).
Those 4 teams that will qualify for playoffs are
Boston,Denver,Bucks,Chicago.Clippers are contender and all of these playoff teams are lower seed and they are expected to lose in 1st round.

Now lets look at what heat have done over the course of their winstreak

Miami beat very formidable opponents memphis OKC clippers knicks and unlike clippers miami has played 8 playoff teams and 3 of them are contenders.They won in OKC which is probably the hardest arena to play and win for road teams.

So miami win streak is much more impressive and if they win sunday's showdown against pacers they could be looking at the 2nd best winning streak ever.

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