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Default Re: Miami HEAT Winning Streak

Originally Posted by TMT
By who exactly?

The Spurs had a 16 out of 17 game winning stretch between January and February, predominantly without Ginobili or Duncan playing.

The Clippers streak was just as impressive in my opinion, not because of competition but because of the out of this world chemistry they were playing with which I still don't believe has been matched by any team thus far this season.

2nd best winning streak ever? Please. Miami is by far the best team in the league with the most versatile artillery of weapons. They are a historically stacked squad, even if most don't want to accept this. There have been many larger winning streaks by teams with much less talent in the history of the league.

Dude why did you even quote me if you are not gonna reply to my message.

16 out of 17 means nothing thats not to say they havent been very impressive but nobody will remember that at the end of the day.So spurs as great as they have been didnt have a stretch like this this year..So dont bring up spurs.

Again what you are talking about is purely intangible.Somebody could easily say miami has been much more impressive because they generally let teams get comfortable before locking them down in the 4th quarter as we repeatedly saw during this winning streak.

Dude again as i said if they win pacers game they could be looking at 2nd best winning streak which is 22+ win streak which is true.If you are gonna define best as do the most with the least then i dont have anything to say to you.Because you are talking about something noone can prove.

Let me make myself clear i can easily say charlotte 3 game winning streak is best this season because their lineup is horrible.
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