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Default Re: nba has to stop with these up and under foul calls

Originally Posted by vert48
The NBA needs to call the foul on the person initiating the contact. If they did, these two pathetic moves would disappear overnight.

In pickup games, people only try the rip or duck under on me once. When they rip up, I rake my hand across their face and pop them in the nose. They look at me odd, but I say sorry, you just pulled me into you. If they try the duck under while I am in the air, I come down full force on top of them with my elbows leading.

We would have fun playing together. And by fun I mean it wouldn't end with a pop to the nose or leading with elbows.

Anyway, I fully agree with your first point. The NBA made a "change" with the pump-fake;get the defender in the air; lean in and initiate contact call... but it is still called inconsistently. AT least they're making strides with it though. So I believe that the rip move will be looked into... eventually. Probably once Durant retires.
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