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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

why post pics of Fighters faces...and not post pics of GSP's

vs condit

vs BJ

vs fitch..

- and why are people using Basketball in relation to MMA?....a team sport that you have a definite winner?

-Blake Griffin vs Duncan? GSP is more Like Lebron James not entering the dunk contest because he might lose.

- again..GSP is agreat fighter...he does use take downs and plays it safe so he wont get hit.

Wonderful!!....he doesn't get hit.....Hey Nick .....just stand in your corner and never engage!....throw 1 leg kick and run away for 5 will score more points!!..and win!......some people will say you are smart!

PS: Nick is not a offensive fighter..he just tries to fight..not score points...he is a fighter who uses his Boxing to soften up his opponent/make his opponent desperate....I'm sure if he cared about scoring points/vs winning and being an exciting fighter he could just hang back and jab alittle....maybe go for a submission once in awhile and win.

thank god he doesn't fight like that.

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