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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
so is this discussion like separating people truly interested in the science of MMA from those who just like to see a good brawl?

but... i do see one of you currently losing, if i had to call the decision right this moment...

kind of sounds like.....when MMA first started in the states...

Boxing fans would say.." oh MMA/UFC is just brawling, hugging and stupid"...a good boxer would smash a BJJ expert....or MMA fighter"

"Boxing is a science.....MMA fighters just brawl"

- what I'm saying is......we have to top shelf MMA fighters.... go out and try to render the opponent helpless or make him quit.

If that means putting yourself in a position where you may get hit...ok, that's why it's called Fighting.

- I under stand the super technical part...I understand not wanting to take damage.....but the main goal should be...FINISHING...not escaping damage.

- if escaping damage is the main goal....then never go for a takedown.....always circle away......and just jab.

- to me a great "MMA Fighter" is someone who fights with a passion to end the fight ......while using extreme technical skill....
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