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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by KG215
That's the thing, too...McAdoo played pretty good defense on him at Duke. Even on some of the possessions where we didn't double down and guarded him one-on-one. There's almost nothing about this game that I've seen that coincides with the last 6 UNC games.

Like IGotACoolStory said, UNC isn't this bad and Duke isn't this good. It sucks because it's Duke and it's senior night in the Dean Dome, but the gap between these two teams isn't this large. Props to Duke tonight, though, or severely outplaying us and kicking our ass.

they just didn't play together tonight. They panicked early after Seth Curry caught fire. Pretty much shot themselves out of the game, they really didn't need to take that many jumpers.

Seems like youre a UNC fan, is Dexter Strickland REALLY this bad???
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