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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by andremiller07
I completely agree with you but the problem might not be the actual fighters doing this but rather the abuse of a poor scoring system. The only reason fighters like GSP fight the way they do is yeah to avoid damage and win at the same time, under Pride rules they would only avoid damage but not win.

The problem is not the fighter style but the fact the system is faulty and allows them to get away with simply holding/lay n gay on top of someone making fights amazingly boring and not really getting a fight but rather one guy holding on for dear life so the other guy can't stand up or even get a proper submission attempt. If they changed the scoring rules you would have more exciting fights and enough of the "skill" invovled where one guy just lays on top of another man while not trying to inflict damage or go for a submission.

GSP moves forward, gets his opponents on the ground and controls them and pounds on them. Even if he doesn't finish him, he's usually the agressor and he controls fights. Pride rules wouldn't change that. In some situations he'd be able to knee his opponent to the head to finish the fight as well.
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