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Default Re: After 15 years, I've officially given up...

Originally Posted by macmac
On the Raptors. I've been a die hard since the age of 13 but this year Im just fed up with the mediocrity and complete lack of direction. I'm getting older and I've realized life is too short to be a fan of a losing, terribly managed franchise. I'm tired of the frustration, the disappointment, the offseason naive hope only to have it crushed 10 games into the new season.

So I have to find a new team to root for. I've rooted for the Raps because it was Canada's team and before the rise of the Internet, was the only team consistently being broadcast north of the border.

Now I travel alot, especially to Miami, but I cringe thinking of jumping ship to a team like Miami, thats seemingly untouchable these days. What are some good options for life long support and dedication, especially in the East, where I could travel to see them 2-3 times a year?

*maximum 15 year long depending on winning ways


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