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Default Re: After 15 years, I've officially given up...

I'm a Sixers fan so I've experienced more bad seasons than you have. From top to bottom (ownership, mgmt, coaching, players etc). Still a fan. Cant say I'm diehard at this point. The only time I cheered and followed another team was the Bulls dynasty. You should forever be a fan of the Craptors but following a second team isnt a sin unless its a rivalry or something along those lines where history doesnt allow it. Like I dont see how someone can like the Sixers and Celtics. A buddy follows OKC because he is a huge Durant fan and likes the makeup of the team.

So I say if you have favorite players you enjoy watching maybe follow their team. Maybe look for a less hyped team that solid like the Pacers. Real tough, physical bunch. Coached well. Teams like Lakers, Heat, Knicks should be

But you cant shake being a fan of the Craptors based on how you feel now. You'll find yourself going back to them. Just takes one big hit in the draft, free agency. I'm a Philly fan. Been waiting for a long time to see Sixers, Eagles celebrate a title here. More sports here, more disappointment. You just have the Craptors.
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