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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Yeah, he was getting whooped, and if it wasn't stopped then it would have been worse.

he was not getting whoopedhe got cut ( he had a lot of scar tissue on his eyelids/brow that he since had removed)

And? Nick still got his ass beat.

meh..who knows he was dazed....he wasn't out...and he beat Jackson twice afterwards.

I'm talking about changing things up if what you're doing isn't working.

I said good opponents. Really, Cyborg? You serial? Lawler was fairly early in his career and that was a long time ago. Neer is quite a stretch, and again, long ago. Tibau is another stretch and yet once again, long ago. Daley is another stretch, but at least fairly recent. You're pretty much just naming above average fighters who aren't all that good outside of Lawler and Gomi, but unfortunately, the Gomi win doesn't even count on his record. So basically, we're left with Lawler from 2004...

so all those guys aren't good fighters?....

like Dan Hardy?...

go away kid.

It's only been 4 years, and are we conveniently forgetting that GSP has been out for 2 years with an injury? And, who cares if they're finishes or not? He screwed up the armbar a little bit against Hardy, but many people would have tapped to that. He broke Kos' orbital and had him out for almost a year. He fought Shields with 1 eye for half the fight. Besides, those guys are really, really tough to finish.

It's been well over 4 years since GSP put himself in a position to finish.

- again, he is a great fighter, he does a great job at staying in top control....( to escape damage)...but he still gets damaged

- I understand he is being smart...but at some point it's a timed sport now....and the main priority should be trying to end the fight....

- again, GSP has a great Jab!...why should he put himself in danger and go for a takedown? ( he might get hit/kneed...or subbed) just jab and score points via octagon control/punches landed..

that would be the smartest way to fight...if he doesn't want to take damage.

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