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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
he was not getting whoopedhe got cut ( he had a lot of scar tissue on his eyelids/brow that he since had removed)

Did Nick cut himself? No, he got cut from punches. Noons even dropped him in the fight. Nick kept shooting for takedowns and did that butt scooting shit on the ground. It kind of looked like he really wanted the fight to go to the ground.

so all those guys aren't good fighters?....

Some of the guys you listed are pretty much LWs (though, I still give him plenty of praise for Gomi). Neer even lost to Nick's brother. Cyborg is highly inconsistent, and just not that good. Daley is alright, but has trouble making weight and fighting intelligently.

like Dan Hardy?...

Hardy had a 7-fight win streak at the time, or if you don't count the DQ loss, then he was on a 12-fight win streak. He didn't look bad at the time. If I'm naming GSP's good wins, then no, I probably wouldn't list Hardy, but I sure as hell wouldn't list guys like Neer, Tibau, or Cyborg either.

It's been well over 4 years since GSP put himself in a position to finish.

5 fights. 2 of which he got injured during, but still kept on dominating anyways. 1 where many guys would have tapped. Another where he put the other guy out of action for 9 months. The other was Condit (who beat Nick) and also, Condit hasn't been finished in nearly 7 years. Those guys aren't easy to finish. Shields has only been finished once in the past about 12 years. Kos has only been finished 3 times in his career and you could argue the 2 most recent ones were early stoppages. Hardy went about 5 and a half years without getting finished when he faced GSP. Oh, but let's get on GSP because he didn't finished guys who are rather difficult to finish. Hendo not only couldn't finish Shields, but also lost to him, but let's get on a one-eyed GSP for not finishing him. Diaz lost to Condit, but let's get on GSP because he didn't finish Condit.

- I understand he is being smart...but at some point it's a timed sport now....and the main priority should be trying to end the fight....

Should Leonard Garcia win every fight that goes to a decision just because he throws a bunch of wildass haymakers that could potentially end the fight if they landed squarely?

that's why I said GSP is better at scoring points....Nick is a better fighter.

How is Nick a better fighter? You didn't say why. Why is fighting intelligently a bad thing to you? What, you think every fighter should fight the way you want them to fight? It doesn't work that way. You're basically saying: "I don't like how GSP fights therefor Nick is a better fighter." You don't base how good a fighter is by how much he entertains you. If you want to say Nick is a more entertaining fighter, then fine, you won't hear an argument from me.

In a Pride rules event GSP would not have won fighting the way he does.

WTF? GSP dominates the hell out of his opponents. How in the flying jumpkick fuck would his opponents win under Japanese rules? You think there haven't been any kind of wrestlers/grapplers to win over in Japan? That's funny, I can watch someone like Kawajiri do less than what GSP does and win easy. What is with Diaz fans....
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