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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Graviton
It's GSP's opponent's job to not get taken down and dominated, this is like blaming the KO artist for knocking people the **** out.

Not GSP's fault no one else is as good as him or has his endurance, cardio, wrestling skill, submission defense, striking accuracy. If you are the challenger, it's on you to execute your gameplan and beat your opponent in any way possible, there is a reason why some are champions and others are in the middle. Jon Jones has similar approach as GSP, but he elbows people to death instead of just using wrestling only.

No one saying its GSP fault, I been saying the whole time how MMA is judged is the problem hell if I had all of GSP's skills/athletic ability I would do the same thing.

Its a bit frustrating in MMA (not regarding GSP specificlly) when a guy gets taken down goes for submissions, does more damage of his back and still losses cause he has a guy just holding him while hes trying to fight while all the guy on top is doing is throwing weak ass punches just to pretend to keep busy and rest.

I have no problem when the guy on top is trying to advance position to set a up a sub and is raining down/trying to damage a fighter. MMA scoring allows fighters to fight safe while not really fighting at all, thats the problem GSP at times and there have been a few times where he has been guilty of this.

I also don't think this will be as bad as Benson/Nate since Benson is a far more aggresive fighter than GSP is and looks to finish far more than GSP, plus Nick is a far better overall fighter than Nate.
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