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Default Re: PREDICTIONS: 5 game West coast road trip

Originally Posted by franchize
I think we'll go 1-4. We aren't going to beat GS at home without Melo. Denver is going to try to kill us to prove a point. LaMarcus Aldridge is going to abuse us and Damian Lillard is going to get at least 20. The Clippers are going to run us out of the gym. I think the only team we'll beat is Utah. They suck but even they will be seeking revenge. Other than Utah, the only team I see us possibly beating Portland only because they have serious depth issues.
I'm not saying we're going to win but Warriors have been playing like complete shit lately. They are 5-12 in their last 17 games and they look pretty bad.

Same thing with Utah. Lost 4 in a row and are 1-8 in their last 9 games. Even that one win came against the Bobcats

Blazers have a good starting lineup but their bench is awful. 4-6 in their last 10.

That's 3 games that we have a solid chance at winning. I don't see us winning at Denver and LA. Nuggets will run us out of the building and the Clippers are simply a better team and also with a home court advantage.
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