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Default BTE Chess Tour: Sign up & Perform.

We're now accepting players for the annual (first time actually) BTE Chess tournament. It takes place on the easy-to-use site All you have to do is register a nickname using a real email address (which is kept private), add me or anybody else from the crew to your friends list (optional), and you're set to go. We will not play within the website's template of the tournament (it could be for the premium users only or whatnot), we are simply going to have our own schedule and matchups made offsite.

We're going to have an 8 players tournament where players are randomly assigned to two groups, and one plays twice against guys of his group and once guys from the opposite group. Then we hold semifinals and finals. It's 3 days per move, but we prefer to have at least one match a day. Make sure you'll be fairly active, or else - you're disqualified.

Sign up here, as usual, the BTE crew gets prefferential treatment. We also may upgrade to 16 players tournament, if a lot of you curious cats want to try it.

Add me:

cesnakas - CelticsGarlic
timacles - OhNoTimNoSho
niokulis - niokas
Bukakke_Windmill - Faptostrophe
CelestialFreak - dunksby

blablabla - you're gonna be the sub if somebody cannot attend their games, cool.

Groups (assigned randomly, be mad):

Group Pterodactyl:

Group Ichthyosaurus:
cesnakas - CelticsGarlic
timacles - OhnoTimNoSho
Bukakke_Windmill - Faptostrophe
niokulis - niokas

Basically, you play own group two times and once the opposing group. Then - Playoffs, single game to advance (rematch, if drawn):

Semifinals: 1 vs 2, 1 vs 2
Also, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 to decide the 5-6th and 7-8th places.

So now you can challenge your own group members and play up to 3 games at once. When challenging, make sure to state the game is for the record, in the challenge message. Post in the thread the game link, so we could watch/register. Submit games and scores to me via PM as well, so nothing's missing.

After majority of us have completed playing own group, we could start challenging the opposite team, and after that come back to rematch within the group.

What if drawn or standings unclear: wrath of the gods

Prizes: to be decided

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