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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
- Daley was 9 - 1 in his last 10 fights...when he fought Diaz

Look at who he fought. Outside of 2 guys, he wasn't facing quality opponents and his win over Masvidal was questionable.

- Tibau was 14 - 2 when he fought Diaz

A vast majority of his opponents were no-named Brazilians back then.

- Zaromkis was 10 - 1 when he fought Diaz

Ugh, I had to roll my eyes at how overrated and overhyped Zaromskis was back then. People loved him because of those KOs and how he would try some crazy shit during his fights, but it wasn't against very good competition.

- Lawler was 8 -1 before he fought Diaz

I give Diaz much credit for being the only one to ever KO him, but that was long ago.

what are GSP's good wins via finish?

BJ penn? and Matt hughes?

I'll never understand why some people are so hung up on finishes. Yes, he finished 2 legends (1 he finished twice) and also Trigg was ranked #4 back then and Sherk was #5.

- Diaz lost to Condit see that's the think scoring more points = winning a fight/bieng a better fighter.

Condit was the better fighter. Nick failed to adapt his game plan when it wasn't working. That's Nick's fault. You think Condit should have just stayed trapped in the corner and let Nick tee off on him? No, he got his ass out of bad situations because he's not retarded like Nick is. There's more to fighting than just throwing a volume of punches.

- That fight was horrible....Condit circled away the whole fight, again ( I understand......he doesn't want to take damage....... but it is a timed sport now. At some point the sport needs to view Finishing/pressure to finish as more important or the primary goal.

Why in the hell should someone like Leonard Garcia be rewarded for throwing a shit load of sloppy haymakers all fight while he's getting picked apart by his opponents? If you're avoiding damage while dishing it out, then why should you lose for that? What, damage conveniently isn't important to you when the guy you like is on the wrong side of it? Imposing your will on your opponent isn't very important either? If GSP is dominating his opponent all fight long, then how in the hell is his opponent closer to finishing the fight?

or else why even put any pressuer at all?...just circle and jab and never look to engage( never take damage....score more points)

Those points tend to come as damage. If someone is doing nothing but jabbing and circling, then what does it say about his opponent who can't seem to stop that? Jabbing and circling is very, very far from a foolproof plan. If you can't do anything against a one-dimensional attack like that, then it's your fault.

- I'm not degrading GSP for not finishing great fighters.....he doesn't even fight with the urgency to Finsish. Henderson at least tried to put away Shields....

So, did GSP. He threw big punches, but none of them connected cleanly. And again, he had one eye for half the fight.

He is more skilled at rendering his opponent to Quit/submit/ or be TKO'ed. while fighting top shelf fighters.

LMFAO. Great joke there! Hell, we could look at common opponents:

Penn: GSP beat him twice and made him quit once; Diaz won
Condit: GSP won; Diaz lost
Sherk: GSP finished him; Diaz lost
Parisyan: GSP won; Diaz lost
Mayhem: GSP won; Diaz ducked him
Hieron: GSP finished him; Diaz ducked him

Glad you brought up Kawajiri, when he is allowed to keep position he dominates, when he gets carded and is forced to engaged he gets merked..

Look at when he fought Melendez the first time....

Melendez is a better fighter. Against lesser opponents, Kawajiri will wrestle**** his opponents.

Would GSP be a great Fighter in pride?...absolutley, would he have more losses due to bieng forced to engage?....absolutley.

You say that as if it actually meant something. GSP does engage. He imposes his will on his opponents and dominates them.
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