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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
They've given alot of blowouts as well.

I don't put alot of stock into regular season games, they never indicate anything as far as the playoffs go.

Don't lose in the first round otherwise do it like the Jets.....

Gut it, starting with the best player and rebuild.
No. That's what you DON'T do lol The Jets FO sucks lol Don't even get me started on those fools. I don't think we should model our team around the one team in NY who's gone longer than the Knicks without a championship lol.

As for Melo, I admire the effort but it just seemed like he was out there to show the fans he has heart. No way he should have been playing, but that's on Woodson. Not only did he play Melo but Melo got more minutes than anybody on the Knicks. What sense does that make? The game was out of hand fairly early. What was he trying to prove?

And there was a lot of games where we fell behind by like 15 and then came back and either won the game or cut the deficit just to lose. My point is,we fall behind by 10+ like every second or third game on the schedule. That's just too much and inexcusable for a team with such a record.

That's what happens when you don't have playmakers. A team can get a big lead and then just double Melo for the rest of the game because him and JR are really the only ones that are going to rally a comeback vs any quality team.
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