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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Copeland doesnt play because of his lack of effort on defense. Novak plays because of effort I suppose and his contract.

This team wont be blowing up anytime soon. The front office will keep these players for the next 2 years. So blowing up and meaning the players with multi year deals will be moved doubt it unless Camby or Kidd retires. I understand that as well because this team has turned over coaching and rosters every year since Melo and Stat been together. Continuity and patience will be taken most likely.

It's just one game so I wont overreact obviously Melo is still hurt like everyone has already has mentioned. Let him sit find out what why the knee is swollen and fluid is being built up. I think Melo needs to suck it up and have it drained so the doctors can figure it out.
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