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Default Re: Man down (Stat)! Man down! Code 10, 10-53

Originally Posted by Rameek
So Franchize you would want to take on Ben 3 12mill/Tyrus 3 8mill for Stat? If the Bobcats were stupid enough to do Ben/Diop I would do it right away. I think a call has to be made to Jordan though because the front office is pretty stupid. Maybe we can pull off a Kwame for Pau type trade.

Ben only has 1 more year left. That's if he picks up his player option (He'd be a fool not to. It's 12 million dollars. He'd never get that again.). I think Diop expires this offseason so he may be out of the discussion. I'd do that deal though. Thomas sucks but Gordon is yet another spark off the bench. We don't know what's going to happen with JR this offseason but even if he comes back, we need more scoring. I have no faith in Amare ever being able to play a full season again. I have faith we could find some help for Tyson up front for the low. We could have last summer. We just decided we'd become AARP all of a sudden.
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