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Default Re: Man down (Stat)! Man down! Code 10, 10-53

Originally Posted by Rameek
Franchize stop it Gringos is an idiot that needs to be banished to the underworld of the main forum. Nothing he says holds any merit or credibility. There are very few insightful and original (original thought) posters here anyways but this guy brings the IQ down dramatically.

If Houston, Dallas, or Cleveland strikes out in the market for a named player those are possible destinations.
Also, if the Kings move or the Bobcats get desperate I can see those teams possibly getting involved.
The Knicks may have to put up with him for another season.
There just isn't enough professional athlete like yourself to be up to your standards. Since it isn't your own personal club and you are too dumb to see that amare should have been traded I don't think anybody can help you.

There has never been an "original" thought from you though so- from a big time althlete like yourselfs point of view what do the Knicks do now?
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