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Default Re: Tomb Raider is awesome

So the further I've gotten the more I've liked it. It's really opening up the playing area in a way similar to what the original Resident evil did in the house. There are things in level three (which sort of serves as a hub to the whole island it seems), which you can't obtain until you get your hands on a certain perk or upgrade. So there have been doors left closed, gates I couldn't get through, mountainsides I couldn't scale.
But after picking the area dry, and finally deciding to press forward because I couldn't get to such and such an area after exploring all options, I found an upgrade that allowed me to get there. So you finish that area, then head back to the hub, which the levels seem to spit you toward anyway, and start strip mining it again.
And like RE, there are those aha moments when I make it through a door and find I was just on the other side of a door I had been trying to get through from the opposite side just a day ago. Then as I've upgraded I've gone back to levels one and two which are now stripped bare of enemies, and picked them over for access to more secrets I may have been unable to reach previously.

The whole thing has been pretty rewarding for me anyway.
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