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Default Re: Contract Extension for Rudy Gay?

So I am not sure I follow...

Is this "hate for Rudy Gay" at any price?

Hate for Rudy Gay if they overpay your percieved value ?

Hate purely for Collangelo ??


To my earlier point - I would need to see what if the amount of the extension is.

Frankly Rudy Gay is a top 5 (or maybe 10) shooting forward over the last 5 years.

The Raptors have not had someone that talented since Bosh and Carter.

If Gay is willing to commit to the team then I am all about having him here for long term. Its that simple - isnt it ?


Reasonability of his Contract extension comes into play - as does cap flexability. But part of that "reasonability test" is subjective...i.e. what you think - I admit that. I get that.
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