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Default This West Coast Swing is NOT the season - Don't Buy Into the Doom....

This week is irrelevent. It is. I know it pisses eveyrone off when we lose, especially when we don't compete. But the fact of the matter is this, with Melo rounding into form from an injury, Amare just out, putting together a new rotation again, it's going to take time before the Knicks round into form. And it's the worst time for it.

But we will be ok or not ok regardless of what happens this week. The seeding is not that important. It's really not. What is important is how we are playing by season end. Real Talk, is it that bad to fall to 5th or 6th and have the Nets pass us if we played them? We'd have SEVEN home games.

So everyone take some deep breaths, and chill - and get back to me in 3 weeks.
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