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Default Re: Ish Official Fit-club

Originally Posted by LikeABosh
Just got a new PR, 300 lbs on the bench this morning

Congrats. That must have taken a solid 2-3 years to get to that level.

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
fukkk this is what impedes progress.

had to attend a funeral play like 3 hours of basketball and then do a few exams.

ate one meal passed out.

wake up.

weaker and skinnier.

that's it time for the seefood diet if u see fod u eat it.

trying to get into the tigerbend pushups and the dive bombers with the pistol squats now. hurts the elbow but literally feels like the exact same moement as a skullcrusher only against the floor

You should be fine. Happens to everyone. Busy day, got no time to get around to everything and eat as much as you'd like, and you have a shit lifting day. Should be fine the next few days once your routine gets back to normal. I hate it when I'm on an extreme cutting diet, and you don't have the energy you usually have. It hurts the ego.

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