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Default Re: 2013 Offseason Thread (Free Agency, Releases, Trades, etc)

Originally Posted by Carbine
He was anything but awful in 2011. I studied and tracked both of them for every game in 2011. You can have your opinion on that matter, but I have actual first hand knowledge of both players and how they performed that year. Revis was slightly better due to giving up two or three less touchdows, but Nnamdi gave up less yards.

If Revis' season was a 10, Nnamdi was a 9.5

This year I can't say anything other than taking someone elses opinion on the matter as fact. I didn't track him at all.

But strictly talking about 2011....he was pretty much as shut down as you could realisically get in todays NFL.
Do you work for the NFL offices or some team? I want access to tapes or video you have that focuses on a position.

I dont know if any other corners that plays both sides of the field, slot, and TE's elite the way Revis does.

Originally Posted by Heavincent
So Revis is as good as gone. I thought it might have just been overhyped rumors, but the damage seems to be done at this point. Leave it to scumbag Woody Johnson to be a cheap bastard and not pay the best player on the team by far and one of the best defensive players in the NFL. At least Revis won't be stuck on this crappy franchise anymore.

Yeah, I'm mad.
Sorry I am not happy that he will be going but the team overpaid some mediocre players. I personally just dont want a corner to make anything over 12 mill on this team. Nnamdi got paid his 15 mill but damn its just not worth it. I dont want a corner that wants to hold out every chance they get.

The way NFL players get paid and have contracts that are disposable they should get every cent possible. I just dont want the Jets to overpay.

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