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Default Re: Man down (Stat)! Man down! Code 10, 10-53

Originally Posted by Clutch
As much as you hate Carmelo he's at least relatively healthy come playoff time and actually plays in the playoffs unlike Amare who's hurt every year. He missed 3 out of 4 games against the Celtics,he missed one game last year because of his stupidity and he'll probably miss at least half of the 1st round series this year too.

Just trade him for anyone. That anyone will at least be able to play come playoff time.
Why are you wasting your time man? lol

Bottom line is, there isn't anybody we could trade Melo for that will be better than him. Anyone better than him won't be available. Miami isn't trading LeBron. OKC isn't trading Durant. Who else you gonna trade him for?
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