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Default Re: Let's take out Melo....

This thread is not a get help to melo thread. This thread is for anyone that feels another player can do better with this team than Melo.

If someone else takes Melo's place they could do better as the centerpiece. Who are these people that would make the Knicks better as this team is presently constructed.

Originally Posted by bluechox2
melo gets abused by the refs, the whole knicks team gets abused by them actually...i personally didnt think that JR deserved a flagrant 2, that play looked like a hard foul more than anything...and lets try and get some help for melo next season...he cant do it alone, lebrons got wade and bosh, durants got westbrook and ibalka/martin, melos got, JR and felton??...thats laughable

we need to snatch one of those big contracts teams are unable to keep due to cap , anything is better than an always injured amare

I see that people are saying Durantula but I dont see where anyone is saying anything substantial that says that Durantuala would help this team more. It cant be the extra couple of points or the extra FT's that would make this team better by his addition.

Are there any other players that people feel could do better with this team than Melo?
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