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Default Re: Let's take out Melo....

Melo's strength is putting up points, so there is a host of players whom when given 20 shots a game could easily put up 28 with better efficiency.

His rebounds are comparable to his position, and his assists are average.

Durant, Harden, Steph, Curry, Westbrook, Kyrie, Kobe, Wade just to name a few.

The only reason why i put Durant first is because no matter how people view him, the dude can score.

And he has ref respect to draw fouls and such comes in handy as well.

I dont care about versatility in scoring, a play could have one move only but if they are elite in scoring that way, i take that....put the ball through the hoop more than you miss.

I also picked those guys because they do more on the court consistently than just scoring.
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