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Default Re: The Dragon Ball Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
i watched that video and I wanted to believe it but I call bulls**t.

There is no new series confirmed, only new episodes of Dragon Ball Kai which will be released this year, the voice actors already confirmed as much, so I don't know why this guy is saying there will be a new series.

No SSJ3 Vegeta, but he will be stronger than SSJ3 Goku at some point because Bills will slap words to express how stupid I think that is.

Oh and btw Dragon Ball >>>>>>>>> Dragon Ball Z mainly because the story line is better and you don't have to wait 5 episodes for a dude to charge up or transform
Who cares? the story line was decent and and the Action was awesome for an Action Anime. Not only that but the characters were way better than the shitty Yamcha and Chiatzou
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