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Default Re: 2013 Offseason Thread (Free Agency, Releases, Trades, etc)

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
I can't be the only one to agree with PT that Amendola's better than Welker right now right? It's close, but given their ages and current ability it's an easy Amendola sign for me.

And what are you basing that on exactly?

Welker came off a season where he almost put up 1,400 yards.. Danny Amendola is a good WR, when healthy, but he's never shown he can be healthy. Not even considering his injury issues he's still a huge question mark. He's never averaged more than 800 yards and to think he can replace Welker's production is absurd. Again how is Amendola as good as Welker? You guys are criminally underating Welker..

Everyone thinks Welker is easily replaceable because he's a slot player and a product of the "system" but it's going to be damn hard to replace 100+ catches and 1300+ yards.

Danny Amendola also doesn't come off as a tough player the way Welker does. Welker ran crisp routes, found pockets of space and wasn't afraid getting bucked by a linebacker over the middle. It's crazy to think how durable Welker was given his style of play.

It's one thing if Amendola gets paid a few million less than Welker to address other areas but he's getting paid more! Lets be real Kraft was trying scam Welker out of a few million, Welker gets pissed and leaves and then New England panics and signs Amendola..
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