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Default Re: Aquille Carr Commits To Seton Hall

It's a little more than the perceived hype.

Most of the time it's pub for a high school kid and obviously their mix brand. Whatever.

Sometimes they latch on to particular ones (certainly not unopposingly) and create this pseudo-fame and life. I've been to an actual high school game of his and it was literally like that And1 crap. Some guy on the mic narrating the entire game. Pretty sure he was a pimp--an actual pimp. I can't believe that was actually allowed.

Of course it's created from both sides. Mix people taking advantage of high school kids and not the most well adjusted ones with a terrible support system falling for it.

Considering he's in high school and has a kid with a 27 year old woman. ...A woman he assaulted and was charged. And he couldn't qualify for college... Which really isn't surprising since isn't he the one who considered skipping the rest of high school to play overseas? Might be mistaken.

Anyhow, he probably fits the type.

And I don't mean to get down on the kid. I hope he turns his life around and he is a good basketball player. I just don't see it. He'll be like Robert Swift except without the NBA money.
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