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Default Re: Aquille Carr Commits To Seton Hall

You sound salty as fuck.

What is "psuedo fame"? Kids who get pub from those mixtapes worked hard to get good enough to receive that recognition. A suitor wants to promote a kid in a way that beneffits both parties. What's wrong with that? What is "falling for"? That shit has helped grow his fame tremendously.

That "narrating" is hardly similar to that "And 1 crap". Just an MC basically doing "enhanced" play-by-play, so to speak. He's not out on the court, egging guys on, etc. Not uncommon for premier AAU/summer camp games.

Considering he's in high school and has a kid with a 27 year old woman. ...A woman he assaulted and was charged

And he couldn't qualify for college...

Which really isn't surprising since isn't he the one who considered skipping the rest of high school to play overseas? Might be mistaken.

I would too if I were offered $750 K at 16.
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