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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by el gringos
That nuggets game was an embarrassment. Proves that 2/3 of the roster and rotation should go/should have went.

Shumpert was a bright spot but when did it come? With Carmelo and jr. They need to run him at pg- there's no other way to get better at pg and defensively.

Jr has to be coached different than the only way ever tried. Woodson is too stupid to try starting him and taking the ball out of his hands a little more as a scorer than a playmaker. He has to start and be a secondary option instead of playing so much as a primary or the only primary option.

Rasheed - boom
Camby- boom
AMARE- boom
Chandler- boom?

What did you expect though

This team is poorly built and coached- anybody who doesn't want a blowup is a reetard. But with that too late until next season the only choice is playing jr at 2 and shumpert at the 1.

You hurt Carmelo trying to play him at pf all season. Copelands body should have been sacrificed instead. I don't think Carmelo can play at the top of his game while at pf

If it was me the only keepers are Carmelo, jr, shumpert if you think you can play him at pg, Kidd,- you need a whole new 6-8 guys with them

As someone who moved northwest from Denver almost 5 years ago I was embarrassed by how many stupid people the nugs had in the crowd booing- that's not long time fans
Give this man some credit. He's dealing with personal problems and still has enough strength to post on the Knicks board. Bargnani,who's like a brother to him, is out for the season and he still manages to write such insightful posts.

Props to you man
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