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Default Re: Need Advice: Breaking Up With Roommate Today

what state do you live in?

in california, there's a rule book (actually it's available in PDF file) that's 80 pages long of boring yet important rules; it states all the tenant/landlord rights and rental contracts and all issues pertaining to common disputes that regularly end up in court.

you should google up your state and "rental guidelines" or similar words in your key search. if such a book exists in your state, you obviously don't need to read the entire thing, but there should be sections on evictions.

but if you never had a contract signed, then you don't need to worry much about the law since you never had a legal binding contract, but know all your rights first. every state might have their own set of laws related to this. find steps on things that she might had violated which give you your right to terminate the contract, if there's any.

bottom line: it dont matter what you think it's just or fair. if you end up in court, then the contract, fine prints, guidelines, and laws matter first if they're written. a contract is a contract. the law doesn't care if you later discover that you simply find the other party to be annoying.

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