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Default Re: Let's take out Melo....

Originally Posted by Rameek
My only issue with what you're saying is that with this roster and coach that Durant, Harden, Steph, Curry, Westbrook, Kyrie, Kobe, Wade would have a better record. You would be implying that these players would be able to do more with their talent to help this team.

I'm giving Melo the benefit of the doubt because everything around him isnt about winnning. But I do have half my body off the bandwagon with this guy.
eh, you know my take on that, can't blame the roster makeup when you look at one-way players soaking up the money.

Most role players know what their limits are, but coming here, they turn that down because they have to do so much more.

But the guys i mentioned all contribute more than just points.

As far as Melo directly, I've lost quite a bit of trust in him, but he does have this playoff series to prove his worth.

Don't get knock out in the first, can't blame your teammates your whole career for that, eventually folks will look at you.
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