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Originally Posted by Clifton
In America, Roman Catholics use birth control, have abortions, and vote for abortion at the same rate as the national averages. In Europe, fewer than ten percent of Catholics attend mass at least once a week. I think his influence is overstated. He is, however, the most famous person who won't (can't, actually) ride along with the popular notions of the day, so he's a great scapegoat for pseudo-thinkers who lazily float along with modern trends.

Despite calls for change, bears still shit in the woods, and the Pope is still Catholic, even if most Catholics aren't.

Well said. Change has/will happen in the Church, it just takes a very, very long time.

The social issues you list aren't found anywhere in the Bible. Church doctrine comes from human interpretation of the gospels being applied to every day society. It is by definition inherently flawed, but it is not always as evil as people make it out to be and it can and will change over time. It's just not a very speedy process.
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