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Well said. Change has/will happen in the Church, it just takes a very, very long time.

The social issues you list aren't found anywhere in the Bible. Church doctrine comes from human interpretation of the gospels being applied to every day society. It is by definition inherently flawed, but it is not always as evil as people make it out to be and it can and will change over time. It's just not a very speedy process.
Yes and no.

Concerning abortion, Catholics used to hold that *********ion was just like murder, because in Augustine's day they believed that the male's seed was a complete live human being. It was never essential doctrine though.

And thanks to modern science, we know that isn't true. So *********ion is no longer equivalent to murder. But the essential doctrine, which is that you can't kill innocent live human beings, is unchanging.

However, as long as modern science tells us that life begins at conception (when the seed fertilizes the egg) (i.e., the thing that looks like a tadpole on the sonogram and the baby that comes out 8 months later are the same thing and contain the same genetic code), you can't expect church teaching to ever say it's okay, just because it's popular. In fact, if you're actually Catholic, you have to believe that if a Pope ever tried to alter the Church's teaching on this issue, he'd have a heart attack the night before. That's what "Papal infallibility" means - that the Holy Spirit prevents the Pope from teaching false doctrine. The Pope is like a ref who can't make a bad call (concerning doctrine or morals. it's not like he knows who will win the super bowl 20 years from now).

If you're not Catholic, of course, you can think anything you want. And people do. But how many hundred-straight popes (many of whom were outrageously dirty human beings) have to consistently not contradict essential doctrine (which marriage and abortion are) over how many centuries before people will accept that Catholic doctrine is gonna be the same ol' inconvenient, unpopular thing in line with nature and the Bible as ever?
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