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Default Re: Blow it up thread....

What good could buying amare out be? Then it's having that amount of salary go away with no way to replace it

Shumpert, Felton, chandler, white
Dragic, gortat, frye, Shannon brown

Suns save 5 mill and have room for a max contract
Jr smith/brown

Obviously the only way for a real blow up is to turn amare into multiple pieces- Knicks would prob have to take on as much salary as possible to please teams enough

So then you need a pf- Ryan Anderson or Bargnani. You are building around Carmelo- that means Carmelo at 3 and a 4 like this. Anderson's value is higher but there's no way they could use amare or do they have the contracts to trade. If amare can come back by playoffs though it could make him an option for Toronto if ny takes kleiza and Landry fields in addition to Bargnani


Then to make it perfect you have to help those 2 teams out even more financially and get 1 more team in to balance out the roster. (Pistons and Jerebko/Villenueva/stuckey could be another team) the hornets work perfect

Ryan Anderson and Jason smith. 2 players that fit perfect and balance out the roster- any chance you could get those 2 with Camby, Amir Johnson and Beasley? The suns could open up a lot more space without those 2. All these trades for the suns might look off until you add in the players they could get in free agency.

Hornets get Beasley, Amir Johnson, Camby

Suns get shumpert, chandler, Felton, James white, l fields

Raptors get amare, j Dudley, k Marshall

Knicks get dragic, gortat, frye, brown, Bargnani, kleiza, Anderson, smith.

That's right throw a whole new squad out there with Carmelo, jr, Kidd, and Novak. (Novak and Kidd are just negative trade value but fit with Carmelo)


Then you have 22 mill in expirers (gortat, kleiza, brown, smith). Easily be able to bring back gortat and smith for much less. and the goal would be the same as now- coming up w young pg and c without much to give.

Lets say a perfect draft you end up with Steven Adams 7 foot New Zealand center out of Pitt and Norman Powell elite athlete 6-4 nba pg in training


And the coach? That's easy, anybody (including Phil Jackson) would jump at the chance to coach that team. Hire Phil or coach k. They both want to coach that perfectly built of a team.
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