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Default Re: 2013 Offseason Thread (Free Agency, Releases, Trades, etc)

Originally Posted by Carbine
You need to chill.

Give Brady a defense who can stop other teams and you're set with the most dynamic tight end duo in league history. Got capable running backs. Good replacement for Welker. One of the best OLines in the league annually.

Don't need an abundance of weapons to win a title. You should know better than anyone, you won three without any elite weapon.

I personally don't like the Welker thing either for the Pats but they're still legit superbowl contenders. They just need to add talent to the secondary and they have the makings of the defense that can replicate the early 2000's.
Sure, upgrade the defense. Great idea. Hey, I heard Ed Reed was a free agent. And heck, he talked about his desire to play for Belichick leading up to the Superbowl. Bring him in, offer him and offer him market value and the defense is looking pretty good...which is why he's in Houston, talking to the Texans. But you know, the D looked good when Aqib Talib was out there. So of course, he's being pursued by Washington and Indy. Oh, and Patrick Chung is also gone.

And I'm not even asking for "elite weapons." I've just been talking about guys like Anquan Boldin and Greg Jennings. Brady is great but he had some solid receivers in Brown and Branch to win the SB. They just restructured Brady's deal, got 25 mil under the cap, and what are they doing with that space? You don't let your best receiver go to your #1 rival. This is terrible.
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