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Default Re: 2013 Offseason Thread (Free Agency, Releases, Trades, etc)

Originally Posted by knickballer
Your the one who's making an argument that an often injured WR who never had more than 700 yards receiving is better than a guy coming off a season of 1300+ yards and multiple 1000+ yard seasons.

The argument simply isn't there but I guess you are trying to say he's more athletic and skilled than Welker? Can't you say a player like Tyrelle Pryor is better than Drew Brees because he's much faster and has a stronger arm than Brees thus being capable of doing more things?

BTW, Welker may not be the fastest players in terms of foot speed but he's one of the quickest players in the league(if that makes sense) The only thing you can say on him is that he lacks any vertical and can't go up to grab balls but for a slot WR that's not really needed.
he is much more athetic than Welker and yeah you could say that about Pryor...*IF* he came in and was much more productive than Brees was before getting injured.

you guys keep comparing numbers TO A GUY THAT WAS INJURED!!!

Is Shonn Greene better than McFadden???...he had better numbers!!! Greene >>> McFadden

you don't think that Welker has been blessed to play in that system?...if Welker was thrown on the Rams he wouldn't be able to do what Danny was doing there while healthy, amazing catch after amazing catch...
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