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Originally Posted by L.Kizzle

I'm not Catholic, but always wondered what does the Pope do?

I answered this in your other post. He sets dogma for entire Catholic faith. Check out Wikipedia if need more answers. Google is your friend too.
In short, the pope is a bishop (Bishop of Rome) so he does bishoply stuff like promote priests to monseignors and since he is a special kind of bishop, so can promote priests to bishop and bishops to cardinals . He is the head of state of his own country, so he does political stuff like deal with a budget. and he also does some writing/scholarly stuff. And he occasionally tours and sells out stadiums so he's like, um, can I make this understandable for you, the Jackson Family? So he's like a mix bishop-president-dean-of-a-university who gets to tour in front of thousands of eager fans. My Mom is going to Vatican this April.

They occasionally also get to do other stuff like help bring down Communism
Vacel Havel called the Pope's 1979 pilgrimage to Poland "a miracle" and credited John Paul II's contribution during the trip with being more important than anything the leaders of the U.S. or U.S.S.R. had done.
Or on the other hand, tolerate a system that just moves bad actors around instead of admit wrongdoing.
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