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Default Re: Has my jump shot form improved, and any critiques on my new form or dribbling?

Originally Posted by Permodius

Edit: I forgot to add, I would like to know if hopping into your jumpshot if you are set is traveling. Because this is one of the ways I have experimented when speeding up my jumpshot. I don't know exactly how to explain it but basically I drop into position instead of slowly bending my knees into position. Basically, I bend my knees to quickly that I am airborne for a split-second so that I land with my knees bent and ready to explode. I know that this is great off of the dribble but if you are set and you do this (since technically both feet leave the ground even if it is ever so slightly) I want to know if it is a travel. Honestly it isn't too important because I took the extra step and adjusted my hop by keeping my left forefoot on the ground and essentially tiptoeing for the small amount of time that my right foot and my left hind foot are airborne just to make sure that part of my foot is still grounded and I can't be called for the travel.

Edit: I found a video example of what I was talking about move, in the video this guy calls it a "drop."

This is definitely a walk but it is often over looked now. When you catch the ball ether off a dribble or off a pass if you have a foot set then that is your pivot foot. You can at no time lift and plant that foot because when it is planted it is a walk. Even on a layup if you take two full steps it is a walk. The correct way is to plant your first step as (slightly after) making your next step your pivot foot which can then be lifted.

The shot in the video is probably okay for the pros but that should be called a walk every time in lower levels.
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