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Default Re: Aquille Carr Commits To Seton Hall

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
It's a little more than the perceived hype.

Most of the time it's pub for a high school kid and obviously their mix brand. Whatever.

Sometimes they latch on to particular ones (certainly not unopposingly) and create this pseudo-fame and life. I've been to an actual high school game of his and it was literally like that And1 crap. Some guy on the mic narrating the entire game. Pretty sure he was a pimp--an actual pimp. I can't believe that was actually allowed.

Of course it's created from both sides. Mix people taking advantage of high school kids and not the most well adjusted ones with a terrible support system falling for it.

Considering he's in high school and has a kid with a 27 year old woman. ...A woman he assaulted and was charged. And he couldn't qualify for college... Which really isn't surprising since isn't he the one who considered skipping the rest of high school to play overseas? Might be mistaken.

Anyhow, he probably fits the type.

And I don't mean to get down on the kid. I hope he turns his life around and he is a good basketball player. I just don't see it. He'll be like Robert Swift except without the NBA money.

The woman's age actually was falsely reported, I believe it was said she isn't 27 and actually is 22. But still a few years older than him. The case was dropped against him. Aquille was on pace to qualify for school but the chances are he wouldn't get through the NCAA clearinghouse similar to what happened with Ricardo Ledo at Providence this season.

The thing is he's not a bad kid or even a "street kid". He plays with a lot of passion on the floor, comes from Baltimore city, has mixtapes viewed by millions showcasing his best moves, etc but he has a strong family base. The whole assault incident with his girlfriend seems to been way overblown compared to incidents other top HS players have gotten into before they got to college.

But the real reason why he's skipping college is 2 factors:

1. He realizes that after changing school 4 times in the last year that the NCAA wont clear him and the big programs overlooked him partially because of that. If a major program was willing to take him in, I highly doubt he would have a problem sitting out 1 year while only practicing with the team. I dont want to hear excuses about his height when a 5'5 guy like Erving Walker started 2-3 years at a top 10 program like Florida and he isn't nearly as good as Aquille.

2. His pseudo-contract with Under Armour can officially be signed once he turns professional. They've been promoting him for the last 3 years to the point they have specially designed shirts for him, and not only supply his college & AAU teams with gear. If he goes to college and his high school hype disapears then he isn't as valuable to Under Armour anymore as a prospect and possible face of their shoe line. If he reaches the NBA then I'll be damned if he can't sell shoes to kids who see how exciting of a player he is along with the swagger he has and want to wear his shoes.
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