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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Did this team get tired in the 2nd half I cant see what changed physically for them.

First half they only ran ISO for Copeland which wasnt terrible he can score. But once he went out there was penetration, ball movement, PNR, High post movement, cuts it was amazing.

2nd half they stood around holding the ball and the players just stood around watching. There wasnt many plays called in the first half so it wasnt that.

What changed so dramatically?

JR wow just took it upon himself to score like he was Jordan or something. I never remember this guy going to the whole so much and consistently. It looked like Westbrook. It seemed like the other members of the team just didnt want to be involved.

This team has so many veterans but no leadership (on the floor or on the bench) or character.
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