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Default Re: Blow it up thread....

The first few months Melo had some cache with me personally. Melo was never a superstar to me. An elite scorer probably the best scorer in the game until Durant gets a little stronger physically (grown man strength). Its just not enough to be like that. My thought will never change on that.

So I thought I saw a new Melo. I thought he gave better effort on both ends leading by example.

Melo has many shortcomings because people want to put him as a superstar, he isnt a leader, he doesnt have the win at all cost mentality, he doesnt want to make the best basketball play. The Knicks tried to make this team into an AI lead team with senior citizens mostly.

With that said. I do believe you can win it all with Melo but you need a strong coach with a system. The partner that plays with Melo has to be the leader. They have to take the cues from the coach and make the team be better.
Or put more talented players around him and he sacrifices his scoring to be the closer of shot clocks and games.

I dont know if the Knicks can add the quality pieces around Melo to win being hamstrung by Stat and Chandlers contracts also Novaks. Upon further research Kidd was a mini-mid level exception and Camby was an exception through sign n trade last year only 3 mill guaranteed (Knickcity Knowledge I forgot and didnt know respectively).

So the 2 major pieces that will have to go falls to Stat and Chandler. Melo isnt going anywhere under any circumstances regardless of what people wish for. ISO ball will attract no one to play here.

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