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Default Re: Absolute Smartest People on InsideHoops

Originally Posted by B-Low
So 101?
"You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to B-Low again."

when a small work of beauty like that can't get a rep, you know that... that... fuh.

Originally Posted by ace23
I'd like to nominate shlver. Read through a lot of his posts today; he's a smart fuck.
i had already been thinking the same. repped.

OTHO, i tend to believe that every person is smart as eff in their own specialty(ies). every --single-- human being.

thus, every one of us is some type of genius from a certain perspective, if you grok me.

still, i think the real issue along those lines is recognising our own unique, personal genius and deciding what the eff to do with it in this crazy, stupid world of ours. but i digress.

still, if some asshole with a microphone randomly walked up to you and asked in an annoying broadcast voice: "so, where do you think your personal genius lies?"

...what do you think you might answer back with?


but yea, shakehand-lover is clearly VERY smart in med and biochemical issues... as a dedicated MEDICAL student, mind you. but still, he's a willing communicator and puts himself out there again and again when he didn't really have to. that was kind of the key for me, in the end. willingness towards broad-spectrum-thinking, so to speak.


but hey, did you know that the reptile / dino / bird branch never developed a significant cerebellum (hope i remembered that correctly!), therefore you have creatures like crows and parrots who are demonstrably just as smart as human children who are running around without the supposed mental regions that form the 'makeup' of higher intelligence... and yet they keep demonstraing higher intelligence... over and over again.

like cephalopods and bladers... both highly-fascinating to watch, if you happen to have the spare time.
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