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Default Re: Sad to say, I must be on my way

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
OK. I'm off to the bar.

Well that turned out to one the best decisions I made lately. Only mistake was heading to the second bar too late. Woman in the second bar had some epic, epic cleavage.

First bar was fun though. Where were these black chicks who like to dance to The Pixies when I was in college? Also I ordered a Harp and asked the bartender if he had any Pogues behind the bar. And he gave me a shot of this on the house

ohmigod, that might be the best whiskey I've ever tasted.

Also I stepped out of the bar to cool off and this girl who was drunk or high was leaning out of a car yelling crazy shit.

Her: Do you know I do to a Brazilian
Me: Excuse me?
Her: A Brazilian. I want a Brazilian. Have you ever done that.
Me: That's a first time for every thing.

I thought it was funny. I think the guy driving did too.

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