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Default Re: What to do if u used 2 talk to a girl 24/7

Originally Posted by niko
Why do you need to talk for an hour a day every day? Are you talking on the phone? Why are you doing this? Are you a woman? My wife is in Japan right now. MY WIFE. We actually have things to talk about, our kids, etc. We don't talk an hour a day. BECAUSE WE HAVE SHIT TO DO. You think somethings wrong because some girl who is ****ING ANOTHER GUY won't talk to you an hour a day?

Bladers, stop being a ***.

Its different when your married (god knows how many years) and have lived and been together (god knows how many years).
WAY different to meeeting a girl and clicking, then trying to get to know eachother. you should know this. When you are not living together and you trying to build something, you talk and go out. it comes natural. we used to talk early morning, during the day while she doing shit and then at night till we slept and went out about 3-4 to exotic restaurants times a week and did everything together.

God she took me places i never been. haven't had so much fun before or after.

Do I need to talk for an hour a day now? I don't. But the point is, she doing it with another niggah in the same way we did when we hit it off. That's the problem here. I don't even mind her ****ing him, i do but being emo invested into someone else, rearranging your schedule for someone else, cutting everyone else to talk to someone else. thats what she did for me when i use to work alot of hours, now she doing it for him.

It makes me so mad!

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