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Default Re: What to do if u used 2 talk to a girl 24/7

Originally Posted by Bandito
Dude I had the same problem and the only option here is to let her go. You can still be friends with her but treat her as you would one of the guys.

A wise man once told me, Don't glorify p\/ssy. Just live by this line and you'll be fine.

I still want to hit it though. so you right. be friends. but i can't tell her i want to be just friends. but pull away, act uninterested. thing is, she finally buying her own house. So I can actually have more access to her. That's why I want my decision to be calculated. The puss*y is good. And she finally gonna live alone. That could mean more puss*y for me. I don't want to cut off all contacts and lose that.

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