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Default Re: Would anything have been different....

Originally Posted by knickscity
Lin was a distraction, and the players pretty much all basically admitted they were happy for him to leave.

But anyways, Felton has been terrible, and this season migh be worse than his "fat" one last year.

when the positives of his game leaves him, he becomes terrible.\

Can't shoot, defense suspect, and now turns over the ball.

If we had Lin 2 of those things would have been immediate from game 1.
During the season really or after the season he was a distraction? During the season he took a lot of pressure off this teams ineptitude and helped lead the team back to playoff contention.

With all shortcomings I do think this team would have been better with him starting. He was a playmaker and creator and ballzy! Felton does not look as good as Lin.

Before people start with the money stuff read my original post before commenting.
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